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Pepers' Pedals

Russian Doom Machine (RDM)

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Image of Russian Doom Machine (RDM)

This is the Pepers' Pedals take on a classic fuzz box with some little extra special sauce under the hood.

To date my most popular build. These are on pedal boards all around the world.

**Added Blend Mod Option**

- Mid switch (Boost/Cut/Flat)
- 1st stage clipping switch (SI/Open/LED)
- Modified input buffer and output recovery stages to give it that extra something more.

This batch is a Red knob and DC jack batch.

9v DC input (no battery), True Bypass, Home finished enclosures (powder coating), All hand made in New Zealand with quality parts and hardware.

Internal non-sacrificial reverse polarity protection and power filtering ensure that this pedal can be used with any 9v power supply with negative centre jack (BOSS style)