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Pepers' Pedals

General Information

Pepers' Pedals are now  BUILT TO ORDER.

All prices are in US Dollars

-Orders will be fulfilled from first to last (as long as part stocks permit). Shipping may be combined on waiting orders (Contact me for this).

-Approximate build time is 4-8 weeks after order (This is only an estimate)

***COVID-19 has increased shipping times and costs of materials and finished products*** 

-If shipping costs are off-putting, please realize that Dunedin, New Zealand is a long way away from most places. NZ - USA 12,500 KMs (7767 miles) NZ - UK 19,000 KMs (11,800 miles)

-I'm only one person, hand building pedals in my free time. I'm also a parent, husband and I work shift work as an Industrial Electrician. Please be patient you will get your pedal. Please don't email me unless there is an actual issue.

-Please be certain of your purchase. Sales are final. 

-Orders to some countries may require a duty or taxes when arriving. This is out of my control and I am not responsible for paying this. Some countries may not have tracking available. Shipping delays are out of my control.

-New Zealand folk please contact me for alternative Payment options.

-2022 Price adjustments are now in affect. 1st time in 10 years I have adjusted pricing as materials and the cost of pretty much everything has gone up significantly in the last 2 years. My margins are already very tight and this extra strain has ben painful to growth.


- I will update this page as things are always changing