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Satanist Distortion (Pepers verison)

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Image of Satanist Distortion (Pepers verison)

Proudly introducing the Satanist Distortion a collaboration project between Pepers' Pedals (NZ) and Transmutation Devices (USA) . You're looking at the MiNZ version.

Between myself and TMD we reckon this is the ultimate in Black Metal distortion.
It can of course be used for any other style of music that requires heavily distorted guitar or bass.

Using a unique opamp commonly not found in pedals this beast delivers brutal amp sounding distortion and loads of it. Use it as a preamp straight into the loop or use it to push that high gain tube rig even harder!

Internal non-sacrificial reverse polarity protection and power filtering ensure that this pedal can be used with any 9v power supply with negative centre jack (BOSS style)