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General Information

2020 Version is in RED

Say hello to the RAD-X. The next step in evolution for the Pepers' Pedals RAD.

Housed in a 1590B black powder coated enclosure attacked with an angle grinder. Water slide decal slapped on that and then a layer of clear powder coat applied.

Same circuit as the RAD just with a few more tricks.

• Mix control - Blend in the perfect amount of dirt and clean with this knob.
• RAD control - a slightly modified Ruetz mod which adjusts the gain stage and filtering
• X toggle - work in conjunction with the RAD control
• 4 clipping settings RAD, Open RAD, Turbo RAD and the new MOS RAD (Turbo and MOS RAD selected from internal slide switch)

As with all the stuff that comes out of my workshop it's handmade with quality parts in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Internal non-sacrificial reverse polarity protection and power filtering ensure that this pedal can be used with any 9v power supply with negative centre jack (BOSS style)

Please note that orders to some countries may require a duty or taxes when arriving. This is out of my control and I am not responsible for paying this.

NZ folk contact me for alternative Payment options.